American Grace Punished by Gerard Sarnat

Silent guy cleaned tiny

heaps behind me at

our gourmet grocery

salad bar

     for many years

without words among

us, but feeling bad each

time I sped through

finally I said

¡Hola amigo!

then apologized about

messes left around

almost every bin from

mixed greens

     toward carrots,

spinach, bell peppers,

olives, sunflower seeds

cranberries, tomatoes,


     & vowed to

do better nada just

myself but also by

organizing some

other local

     patrons to turn

neater, since if we

did the management

promised not to bump

already too

     high prices—

however, an unintended

consequence was that

young man got fired

because they

     wormily claimed to

no longer need such a large

dedicated worker crew

+ Jesus had zip seniority.

Gerard Sarnat MD’s authored HOMELESS CHRONICLES (2010), Disputes, 17s, Melting Ice King (2016). Gerry’s published by Gargoyle, Oberlin, Harvard, Brown, Stanford, Main Street Rag, New Delta Review, American Journal Of Poetry, Poetry Quarterly, Brooklyn Review, LA Review, San Francisco Magazine, New York Times.  MountAnalogue selected KADDISH for distribution nationwide Inauguration Day.