Campbell Soup Can at a Time by Kristin Garth

When your career is taking off your clothes,

a day will come when tourism slows. No

salesmen in town or golfing trips just those

suburban regulars, meager tips. Know

your nipples, color, size (erect always

for all the guys) — thousands, years you work

at your hometown strip club. They pay

bartender singles. Dancers snub them, smirks

stilettos shimmy past to VIP

where out of town cash is amassed

with table dances. Tonight the busy

Brazilian whispers shopping list, downcast,

you tempt locals together, wintertime

take it “one Campbell soup can at a time.”

Kristin Garth is a Pushcart, Best of the Net & Rhysling nominated sonnet stalker.  Her poetry has stalked magazines like Glass, Yes, Five:2: One, Former Cactus, Occulum & many more.  She has six chapbooks including Shakespeare for Sociopaths (Hedgehog Poetry Press), Pink Plastic House (Maverick Duck Press), Puritan U (Rhythm & Bones Press March 2019), The Legend of the Were Mer (Thirty West Publishing House March 2019), Candy Cigarette Womanchild Noir, i(The Hedgehog Poetry Press), and she has a fantasy collaborative full length A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony forthcoming in June (Rhythm & Bones Lit) and Flutter:  A Southern Gothic Fever Dream (TwistiT Press) in January 2020.  Follow her on Twitter:  (@lolaandjolie), and her website