Working for the Weekend by Sage Schilling

Mourn, it is almost over, sky 

threatening downpour; let's hope

it will hold while we rush to mash

morsels of food or freedom

down any hole, terrified of what 

comes 11 hours from now: work. 

It is not that our jobs are dreadful,

just long and all-consuming, 

hamster sweating on spinning ramp, 

8.5 hours in concrete cubicle,

then soporific meal, shower. 

Can unconsciousness be enjoyed? 

Trembling with neuroses, you'd 

think work was a wet warlock

of monsters ready to devour; yet,

we like our work, sometimes.

I cry for last year's unemployment,

a sabbatical of sorts, fresh 

on mind like raw meat on rack, 

but I would not go back, because 

alternative to work slave 

is the trophy whore I was before.

Sage Schilling is a professor who teaches composition at Oklahoma State University. Most recently she has traveled through Europe for 8 months to write poetry about self-exile and seeking love vs. freedom. She holds an M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati and a Ph.D. in Women's Studies and Religion from Claremont Graduate University. Schilling writes regularly for (under Lache S.) and has poetry published in in Crossways, DodgingtheRain, SurVision, Pussy Magic, and the anthology Teachers Who Write (Waterford Teachers' Centre). Find her on Twitter and Instagram @seagreengoddess.